Your Speed Sign Without a Simple Face (Emoji)2


New Smart Speed Radar technology catch vehicles speed while driving. 

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Data Sheet: Data Sheet Radar Your Speed without face(Emoji) 2


As above pictures, we can produce what you ask. we do the best to bring what you want to reality. one of our products is Speed sign without a face. you may wonder what is that exactly.

What does a Speed sign Without a face do?

the first question that we have to check is this question. this technology will measure drivers’ speed using radars. now, what is the face we said?

Face in Speed Sign without a face…

our product has two different models:

1- the first kind of our product is the sign that shows drivers the speed limit and their speed. speed limitation is the same as normal signs but drivers’ speed is displayed by LED. now the interesting part of this technology is that we use sunlight to make power. in this way, you can easily be up to date and don’t harm your environment.

2- the second type of our speed signs comes with the face. when we say face we mean some emoji that show drivers that are driving with good speed or not. if you are interested in this kind of sign you can see them and make your choice. these signs have a great range of products. you can easily check the related products to see them.

How does radar work and detect speed?

When the vehicle drives into the radar detection area (about 100 meters in the front of the radar sign), the microwave radar will automatically detect the speed of the vehicle and the speed will be displayed in the sign(with Face Emoji or without Face Emoji) to remind the driver to reduce driving speed, which Effectively reduces the road traffic accidents caused by high-speed driving.

 What is the benefit of this technology?

Speed feedback device has a significant eye-catching induction driving function, can significantly reduce traffic accidents, to achieve safety guidance especially in school zone area.

We proud to say that…

MTP is committed to providing earth-friendly technologies that reduce injuries and fatalities by alerting drivers to speed zones. Check out MTP’s robust solutions, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how we can make your streets safer!



  1. Speed limited sign (indicating the speed limit of the road section)
  2. Such as “YOUR SPEED” and a dynamic LED (Conductor light-emitting diode) display, shows the vehicle’s speed without Emoji face display
  3. Microwave radar test the speed
  4. Solar power with the solar power supply system

Why should you buy Speed sign from mtp?

if you’re still looking for a reason to trust our company we can assure you our products are the best you may ever buy. to prove our claim we should say that all of our products are guaranteed. so you can buy any product of ours and stay up to date; on the other hand, be sure about the quality.

How we can order these facilities?

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