Solar Bus Station lighting


Light power: 24 watt

Solar panel: 100 watt

Battery: 12 volt, 72 Ah

Active 16 hours per night

3 night Saving energy


USB Port:

2 pcs USB charger type A

2 pcs USB charger type C

Activate 24h/7days

With fast charge technology

With 3AH output


public transportation facility’s lighting has always been one of the problems of the governments. we offer you some techniques to solve this problem on the ground and under the sun lights forever. our technology is nothing other than Solar Bus Station lighting. bus stations are one the busiest areas in countries. by using our technology you can easily provide light for bus stations at night.

what is Solar Bus Station lighting exactly? why should you buy this technology?

this technology uses solar lights to save energy and work at night. the most important advantage of this technology is that you don’t need a power supply. On the other hand, you don’t harm the ecosystem by producing electricity.¬† if you want to help your environment and stay up to date you have to use these kinds of devices.

why should you buy Solar Bus Station lighting from mtp?

if you’re still looking for a reason to trust our company we can assure you our products are the best you may ever buy. to prove our claim we should say that all of our products are guaranteed. so you can buy any product of ours and stay up to date; on the other hand, be sure about the quality.

How we can order these facilities?

If you are interested in our product (Solar Bus Station lighting) or any other product please contact us just by clicking here. as we mentioned above you can choose your best item to depend on your needs. so by reading this article make up on your mind and contact us.

If you have any questions, about any products of us please do not hesitate to ask our support team. They will answer you as soon as possible.

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