User Manual Your Speed Radar


Model:  Solar 2.5 digit

Size: 5*60*80cm

Body: Aluminum with Electrostatic powder coating color

User Manual: Radar Your Speed 


As above pictures, we can produce Solar Your Speed Radar Signs as customer requested design,

Solar Your Speed Radar signs bring traffic calming to areas where speeding is an issue.

LED radar speed signs made in 3 seven segment digit can set the limit speed number by software. It inform the driver limit speed:  show green number in limit speed and show red number out of limit speed.

  When the vehicle drive into the radar detection area (about 100 meter in the front of radar sign), the microwave radar will automatically detect the speed of the vehicle and the speed will be displayed in the sign to remind the driver to reduce driving speed, which Effectively reduce the road traffic accidents caused by high speed driving.

  Speed feedback device has a significant eye-catching induction driving function, can significantly reduce traffic accidents, to achieve safety guidance.

Solar Your Speed Radar Signs warn drivers that they are entering a speed zone or gone over the speed limit.

MTP POLAND is committed to providing earth-friendly technologies that reduce injuries and fatalities by alerting drivers to speed zones. Check out MTP’s robust solutions, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how we can make your streets safer!

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