Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign with Push Button 6100


Model: High power LED

Pole: 4 meter


Data sheet: Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign wireless 6100 – PL



as always mtp is proud to introduce another device that can reduce the driving casualties. we are honored to tell we made a sign to worn pedestrians. these signs called Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign with Push Button. you may ask what is this facility exactly? we will answer that so we invite you to read this article.

why should we use Pedestrian Sign at all?

over 10 millions of people and Pedestrians die during accidents. this is a tragedy but you can easily prevent lots of them by using signs. our product will help you to prevent as more as accidents you can.

Solar Traffic Pedestrian Signs

This kind of traffic pedestrian signs are used in critical city area. It is powered by solar panel, so it doesn’t need city electricity line. base on this option you wont need cable any more to supply the power. more important aspect of this kind of power supply is  this that you wont pay any money to support the power.

what is the benefit of the solar panel and lights in these kind of Signs?

Solar traffic pedestrian signs are suitable for installation side of road for notification to driver for Pedestrian Crossing. We are producer solar traffic pedestrian signs with any size and design depend of customer request. Our solar traffic signs have automatic dimming system for adjusting light intensity at day time or night time so it will not offend drivers eyes at night. automatic dimming system will help pedestrians to find their way even at nights.

why should you buy Pedestrian Sign from mtp?

if your still looking for reason to trust our company we can assure you our products are the best you may ever buy. to prove our claim we should say that all of our products are guaranteed. so you can buy any product of ours and stay up to date; in the other hand be sure about quality.

How we can order these facilities?

If you are interested in our product (Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign with Push Button) or any other product please contact us just by clicking here. as we mentioned above you can choose your best item depend on your needs. so by reading this article make up on your mind and contact us.

If you have any question, about any products of us please do not hesitate to ask our support team. They will answer you as soon as possible.


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