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Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign (80*80 cm)


MTP-Solar Traffic Pedestrian Signs play a crucial role in urban and suburban traffic management systems by providing clear guidance to pedestrians and enhancing safety at crosswalks and intersections.

Their solar-powered operation makes them sustainable and cost-effective solutions for improving pedestrian visibility and traffic flow control.


Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign 80*80 Data Sheet

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MTP Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign (80*80 cm)

MTP produces Solar Traffic Pedestrian Sign (80*80 cm) as customers requested design.

This parameter is one of the best options we offer, if you want something special you can easily trust us to do what you need, we will design and manufacture the best-qualified Speed Limit Sign as per your wish.

More than 124,000 accidents and more than 17,000 Polish have been killed walking or crossing the street in the past 10 years. Many crosswalks are poorly lit or pose other visibility challenges. Speeding, distracted, and intoxicated drivers only worsen the problem.

What is Platform?

MTP pedestrian sign is a warning sign. Drivers who come across a pedestrian crossing sign should be vigilant for people who might walk in front of their vehicles.

MTP Pedestrian signs are meant to avert accidents by preparing drivers to slow down or stop on short regard.

These kinds of traffic pedestrian signs are used in the critical city area. It is powered by a solar panel, so it doesn’t need the city electricity line for this reason, its installation is very simple, and no need for any cabling from the electricity line. because it’s powered by solar panels, it is free of charge for monthly electricity consumption.

We produce solar traffic pedestrian signs of any size and design depending on customer requests.

Technical Specification,

  • Dimension 80*80*5cm,
  • Body Material Aluminum white color,
  • Solar power 20 watts, lifetime more than 20 years,
  • Battery Internal 12 volt, 9 Ah, sealed lead acid (more than three years lifetime),
  • Led quantity 60 pcs supper high bright,
  • Light luminous 8000mcd,
  • Automatic switch at night,
  • Charge controller with the microcontroller,
  • Lenz material Polycarbonate is unbreakable,
  • Lenz Size 22mm,
  • Working time after full charge 4 days,
  • Working time in cloudy weather 8 days,
  • Visible distance of more than 2 km,
  • Angle 150 degrees,

Quality of Parts,

Reflective Sheet,

3M High-Quality Reflective Sheet,
  • Durable – tougher topcoat aids against scuffs and scratches,
  • Vivid daytime colors provide 24-hour performance with increased daytime visibility,
  • The improved optical package increases nighttime visibility,
  • Meets multiple specifications,
Reflective Sheet


LEDs are identified very well and the amount of their desired life is 100.000 hours in lawful range for the traffic light and traffic signals and its light intensity is 8000mcd.



  • Lenz material: Polycarbonate unbreakable,
  • Lenz Size: 22mm,

An external lens is used for correcting light diffusion. Also, it is responsible for protecting the set, so that it protects the electronically set and filters from damages, resulting from strong shock (stone) or burning, as a result of throwing pyrotechnics parts.

These shocks shall be caused by damaging external lenses, Changing and replacing the external lens is easily possible for a worker.



Internal 12 volt, 9 Ah, , sealed lead acid(have not individually battery casing),

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Solar Panels,

20-watt, warranty 20 years,

Solar Panel

Environmentally Friendly,

This product is created by skilled engineers at MTP. It doesn’t require electrical lines because it generates power using solar energy. This facility suggests that the MTP Products is an environmentally friendly and green product. Greenhouse gas emissions will go down when renewable energy sources like solar power are used. It results in a decrease in the outside temperature.

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Useful Points,

MTP is a manufacturer of Traffic Products and Smart Traffic Cameras & Radars.

We offer you a wide range of Traffic-Related Products, One stop solution for engineering, electrical, electronic, and technological needs,

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