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Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Push Button Signal with 100mm Signal


Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Signals with Push Buttons are essential components of urban and suburban traffic management systems. They enhance pedestrian safety, improve traffic flow efficiency, and provide clear guidance to pedestrians navigating intersections with vehicular traffic.

MTP Launch Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Push Button Signal with a 100mm Traffic Signal system which will help in better control of traffic.

Pedestrian Signal with Push Button Data Sheet

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MTP Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Push Button Signal with 100mm Signal

MTP Produce Solar Traffic Pedestrian Signs according to the customer’s requested design, this parameter is one of the best options we offer, you can have your customized Traffic Pedestrian Signal with Push Button.

What is this Platform Exactly?

MTP Launch Wireless Pedestrian Crossing Push Button Signal with a 100mm Traffic Signal system which will help in better control of traffic.

The traffic authority installs 100mm traffic signals that are 1.5 meters above ground level because vehicles near the stop line are unable to observe the right traffic signals on the 3.3-meter or longer post.

100mm signals are not mandatory for traffic it’s only optional.


  • Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Signal help for the movement of traffic securely without any problems.
  • The indications of the traffic signals can be visible in foggy weather or at night time.
  • They can reduce accidents on roads like pedestrian crossing accidents and right-angle collisions between two cars.
  • The traffic signals help for the safe movement of slow-moving traffic by interrupting heavy traffic at regular intervals.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Signals can increase the capacity of traffic handling at the intersection.
  • Under favorable conditions, they provide for continuous motion of traffic along a specified path.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Traffic Signals can reduce the number of accidents on roads like pedestrian accidents and right-angle collisions between two cars.
  • This kind of traffic pedestrian signal is used in the crossing area. It is powered by a solar panel, so it doesn’t need the city electricity line, so not have any electricity bill, it is free of charge for monthly electricity consumption.
  • Its installation is very simple and no need for any cabling from the electricity line, because it’s powered by solar panels.
  • MTP Pedestrian does not need any extra signal controller so its cost is also saved.


Technical Properties of Wireless Solar Traffic Signal,

1. Quality of Parts

The quality of all parts of the signal is from the finest materials of polycarbonate. Also, the color of the body box is special for this kind of work and has the following technical properties,

  • Melting point: 485 ̊c
  • Degree of heat in glass removing: 150 ̊c
  • Shock strength: 12kg cm
  • Tensile resistance: 59kg cm2

2. Size of its body,

Solar Traffic Signal with dimension

Solar Pedestrian with dimension

3. Full mask of Flashing Light,

The diameter of the full mask is 330mm on the top side and at the point of its connection into the main body; this mask has a 300 mm diameter with a depth of 215mm. This connection is done by a screw, being put on the body.

4. Half mask,

The height of this mask is 185mm outside of the body and its width is considered 230mm in the place of its connection with the main body. This is done by a screw, being put on the body.

5. Door,

The door shall be fastened on the body, in a shape toggle. Also, it has rubber for insulation.

The casing of the Traffic Signal

6. Casing,

6.1: Casing,

The casing of traffic signals is made with high-quality polycarbonate, being suitable for traffic signals.

6.2: Lenses,

External lenses are made with grid polycarbonate, to be suitable for lenses.

LED Casing

6.3: LED Module,

LEDs are identified very well and the amount of their desired life is 100.000 hours in lawful range for a traffic light and traffic signals and its light intensity is 8000mcd.

The total numbers of LEDs in one module are equal to 110 pcs.


The LEDs module and its power supply are surely put on the casing. Then insulated rubber is installed on the body, so there shall be no probability of entering water, dampness, and dust into the electronically set.

An external lens is used for correcting light diffusion. Also, it is responsible for protecting the set, so that it protects the electronically set and filter from damages, resulting from strong shock
(stone) or burning, as a result of throwing pyrotechnics parts. These shocks shall cause of damaging the external lens.
Changing and replacing external lenses is easily possible for a worker.

7. Batteries,

Sealed Lead Acid batteries of 12v, 36Ah, having desired life of 5 years.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

8. Solar Panels,

Each set Pedestrian Signal has a 60W, 18v, 3.66A solar panel with an efficiency of %16.
Each solar panel has a cable, having 2 blue & black wires. After installation, the cable is entered into the controller box then, it connects to its terminal.

Note in our old system that blue wire shall be connected to the blue wire of the terminal and black wire to the black wire of the terminal.

Solar Panel(60watt)

9. Charge Controller,

  • Measuring voltage of the battery, solar panel, charge current and related measuring.
  • Displaying voltage of the solar panel, the voltage of the battery, over voltage cut off charge, and low voltage cut.
  • Prevent overcharge with cut-off solar panels.
  • Load cutting while the voltage of the battery drops to the minimum level of acceptable voltage for the battery.
  • Working time, without any charge and with full battery is almost 14 days.
  • Charging time for an empty battery is 24 hours in light, in case of operating, and 18 hours without any operation.

Charge Controller

10. Intelligent Microcontroller System,

  • Getting data from Wireless Receiver and applying it to three color signals and Pedestrian.
  • Light Regulation and optimization of consumption, according to charge current (environmental light) and battery voltage and solar panel.
  • Neutralizing effects of the battery voltage in light illumination of flashing light.
  • Maximum exited rates (day) into its minimum (night) is 5 to 1 and (it is changeable, based on order).
  • Using modulation of PWM for changing light illumination.

Controller Box

11. Push Button,

Push Button is made of aluminum with an electrostatic powder coating color. It has one push button switch and 4pcs LED indicator, After pushing this button, one internal timer will start counting down and the LED indicator will blink.
Once the internal countdown timer reaches zero, the vehicle signal will go to red and the pedestrian signal going to green.

Push Button

12. Brackets,

Each Signal light has a pair of holders for connecting the main body to its pole, called brackets. For this installation, at first, Brackets are faster on the main body, then the Signal light will be installed on its pole by 2pcs of hose clips.


13. Round Clamp(Hose Clips),

Seven round clamp is attached to one set of the pedestrian signal.
3pcs for fixing 3 color signals (vehicle signal) and two color signals (pedestrian signal), 2pcs for fixing the solar panel, and 2pcs for fixing Push Button Box on the pole.

Hose Clip

14. Post,

Hot Galvanized with 3.3m length and 11.5cm diameter and 4mm wall thickness, with Electrostatic Powder Coating Color.


15. 100mm Signal,

Close to the stop line, drivers can not see proper traffic signals on the 3.3m or longer post, so the traffic authority installs 100mm traffic signals with a 1.5m height from the ground level.

100mm signals are not mandatory for traffic it’s only optional.

Technical Specification

  • Dimension: 3 color signal: (355*1065*185mm) (2 color pedestrian: 355*710*185mm)  (Push Button: 200*300*50mm)
  • Weight: (3 color signal:20Kg) (2 colors pedestrian:15kg) (Push Button: 1kg)
  • Body Material: (3 color signal: Polycarbonate with Untie UV) (2 color pedestrian: Polycarbonate with Untie UV) (Push Button: Aluminum with electrostatic black color)
  • Solar Power: 50 Watts, Life time more than 20 years
  • Battery: Internal 12 volt, 36 Ah, sealed lead acid
  • LED module for 3 color: (110pcs Red) (110pcs Yellow) (110pcs Green)
  • LED module for Pedestrian: (45pcs Red) (45pcs Green)
  • LED module for Push Button: 4pcs Yellow
  • LED Life: More than 100,000 Hours
  • Light luminous: 8000mcd
  • Light Intensity: Automatic regulation of light intensity in day and night(day intensity 5 times night) with microcontroller
  • Wireless Transmitter and Receiver: 433 MHz
  • Covered Area: 300m diameter
  • Working time after full charge: 4 days
  • Working time in cloudy weather: 8 days
  • Visible Distance: More than 1000m
  • Angle: 100 Degree
  • Operating Temperature: -20° C to 75° C
  • Waterproof: IP65

Environmentally Friendly,

This product is created by skilled engineers at MTP. It doesn’t require electrical lines because it generates power using solar energy. This facility suggests that the MTP Products is an environmentally friendly and green product. Greenhouse gas emissions will go down when renewable energy sources like solar power are used. It results in a decrease in the outside temperature.

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Useful Points,

MTP is a manufacturer of Traffic Products and Smart Traffic Cameras & Radars.

MTP offers you a wide range of Traffic-Related Products, One stop solution for engineering, electrical, electronic, and technological needs,

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