Solar Traffic Stop Sign 60*60cm 1


Model: Red & White  Reflective sheet

Size: 5*60*60cm

Body: Aluminum with Electrostatic powder coating color

Data sheet:Solar traffic STOP Sign 6060 1300 1



As above pictures, we can produce Solar Traffic Stop Sign as customer requested design. if you check our store you will probably find what you want but if you are looking for something special you can tell us and leave the rest of the process to us. we will make it ready for you.

what is Traffic Stop Sign and what is the use? 

Solar Stop signs bring traffic calming to areas where road approaches to main Road . These LED-enhanced signs flash a bright warning in approaching to main road. They are especially beneficial for new approach zones and those with high levels of non-compliance.

Solar Stop Warning Signs warn drivers that they are entering a main road or main street. Blinker Stop Sign can flash 40-50 per minutes.

why should you buy Traffic Stop Sign from mtp?

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How we can order these facilities?

If you are interested in our product (Solar Traffic Stop Sign) or any other product please contact us just by clicking here. as we mentioned above you can choose your best item depend on your needs. so by reading this article make up on your mind and contact us.

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