Mobile Phone Violation Camera 2.3


Phone Violation Radar is a traffic enforcement camera that recognizes violator drivers who use cell phone while driving . New camera tech could catch drivers using mobile phones.

Here is MTP Phone Violation Enforcement Radar Sample Videos,

MTP Phone Violation Enforcement Radar Sample Video 1

MTP Phone Violation Enforcement Radar Sample Video 2

MTP Phone Violation Enforcement Radar Sample Video 3

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MTP Phone Violation Data Sheet:  MTP Phone Violation Radar

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MTP Mobile Phone Violation Radar

Phone Violation Radar is a traffic enforcement camera that recognizes violator drivers who use cell phone while driving.

What is this Platform Exactly?

A mobile phone violation detection camera is a traffic enforcement camera. It recognizes and detects violating drivers use a mobile phone while driving automatically.


Use of mobile phones was pinpointed as the leading cause of distraction among motorists who cause serious accidents, according to an online survey conducted by the Ministry of Interior recently.

In the survey, 71.4 per cent of the respondents chose the use of mobile phones while driving as the main reason drivers are being distracted on the roads while 17.7 per cent said it was attending to children. Eating and drinking were choosing as a distraction by 10.9 per cent of the respondents.

Distractions while driving claimed the lives of 59 people in 438 accidents across the UAE in 2018, according to the UAE traffic authorities.

Cell phone users are 5.36 times more likely to get into an accident than undistracted drivers.

Text messaging increases the risk of crash or near-crash by 23 times.

Sending or reading a text message takes your eyes off the road for about 5 seconds, long enough to cover a football field while driving at 55 mph.


For reduce the rate of accident cause of restriction and making safer road and, we succeed to make the best detector system which is the “Phone Violation Radar” for the first on the world.

Picture 1: Sample of Phone Violation

 Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera


Technology will help human beings once more,

Using a cell phone is a dangerous violation that every year causes too many terrible accidents.  Since many years ago police have found these drivers. But police are not present everywhere and the human brain sometimes cannot recognize this violation while cars are moving fast. So, this product is developed to decrease this kind of violation. It finds violator drivers and recognizes cell phone violations with high performance.

Solar Panels would not damage the Environment,

This product is developed by MTP talented engineers. It uses solar energy to generate its power and does not need electricity cables. based on this facility MTP Mobile phone violation detection camera can be regarded as a green and ecosystem-friendly product. Using green energies like solar power will cause a decrease in greenhouse gasses. it causes a decrease in environmental temperature.

Where you install, 

Phone Violation Radar Detector can be installed beside of road or over the road on the cantilever and detect violator cars who using mobile phone while driving.

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera
     Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera

Violation Captures,

Phone Violation detector takes 2 captures and one video and one XML data file:

One capture of violation time, which shows driver while using phone,

Violation Captures
       Phone Violation Capture While Driving


One capture of car with clear plate number, which use for Automatic Plate Reader (ANPR),

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Plate Number
       Capture of Car with Clear Plate Number

Video Capture, 

One video which covers a few seconds before violation time and a few second after violation time to be as a reference for police,

Mobile Phone Violation Radar
      Capturing Video of Driver & Vehicle


XML Data has information of Site Code, Location Place, date, Time, Radar ID, Plate Number,

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera
           Data Violation with xml Format

Phone Violation Capture Samples, 

MTP Phone Violation Radar can save violation images and videos on USB flash memory or can send as online to police station via secured internet.

Following you can see some of Phone Violation Captures for Samples,

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera
          Samples of Phone Violation Captures



MTP Phone Violation Radar has own ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) software as optional.

With ANPR, it reads registered plate number of violator car and sends it along with captures and video to police control room.

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera
                       Sample of ANPR

ANPR Status Bar

It is included:

– Site Code,

– Radar ID,

– Date and Time,

– Location Place,

– Plate Number,

– Picture of Plate

PTZ Camera Specification

                . Power Supply 12-volt DC,18w (Max 7 watt for IR)

                . Full HD resolution

                . Operation conditions: -30°C to +60°C (-22 °F to +140°F)

                . Weight 2kg


After detection violation, camera records two images and one video of violator vehicle and save it in Mini-PC.

These images and video along with its data like as date, hours and place can send to traffic control section of police office via one Router which is embedded in Phone Violation Detector. This Router has one Sim Card which provided by police. It can make secure connection between our violation detector and police office.

Phone Violation Detector (WIFI)

Means police officer can collect all data and images and videos with stop beside of camera for a few minutes, so data and images and video will be transferred from Phone Violation Detector to police laptop with WIFI connection.

Phone Violation Detector (USB Memory)

Mini-PC can save all of violation data and images and video on USB memory, so police officer only has to visit camera every day or couples of days and remove USB memory and put new USB memory.

Transfer Data,

Transfer data via the internet is one of the biggest benefits of our Mobile phone violation detection camera

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera
       Data Transferring with Sim Card Router

So, violation data and images and videos in our violation detector can be collect with three following ways:

Collection data,

1-USB memory,

2-WIFI system,

3-Sim Card internet,

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera
Data Collection ways, USB memory, WIFI                          system, Sim Card Internet

Product is included:

    • MTP Software
    • Four Cameras
    • mini-PC
    • Router
    • MTP ANPR
    • Warning Light
    • Solar Panel
    • Battery
    • Decorative Post

Technical Specification,

Mobile Phone Violation Deduction Camera
                     Technical Specification

Useful Points,

MTP is a manufacturer of Traffic Products and Smart Traffic Cameras & Radars.

You can see Traffic Enforcement Cameras here on Wikipedia.

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