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Bicycle Violation Detection Radar


MTP Bicycle Violation Detection Radars are part of efforts to improve road safety and regulate traffic behavior among cyclists, contributing to safer and more efficient urban environments for all road users.


Here is MTP Bicycle Violation Detection Radar Sample Videos,

Bicycle Violation Detection Radar Sample Video 1

Bicycle Violation Detection Radar Sample Video 2

Bicycle Violation Detection Radar Sample Video 3

Bicycle Violation Detection Radar Sample Video 4

Bicycle Violation Detection Radar Sample Video 5

Bicycle Violation Detection Radar Sample Video 6

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MTP Bicycle Crossing Violation Detector Data Sheet

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MTP-Bicycle Violation Detection Radar

A specific kind of traffic enforcement radar called as the Bicycle Violation Detection Radar detects drivers who fail to give way to bicyclists.

What is this Platform Exactly?

When a car fails to give way to a bicyclist, this radar records the incident.


We successfully created the greatest detection system, the “Bicycle Violation Deduction Radar,” to ensure everyone’s safety and to maintain surveillance on people along the side of the road.
When people are trying to cross the road, cars should stop behind the line before approaching the bicycle crossing area. The roadside bicycle crossing area must be safe for bicycles.


It is highly dangerous for bicycles and can occasionally result in an accident, however as we observed, some automobiles don’t stop for bikers in the designated area and instead continue driving.
We developed intelligent violation detectors to assist with traffic safety management, particularly in the zebra area, in an effort to reduce this violation.
The MTP Bicycle Violation Detector is installed next to the crossing area and is designed to identify cars that cross the line without stopping, even when a bicycle is riding.

Violation Area

  1. Bicyclist Area
  2. Yellow Mark
  3. Stop Line

1-Bicyclist Area



The Bicyclist Area is a designated area for riding bicycles, and it is constantly monitored over by advanced radars to track riders. Therefore, our radar’s responsibility is to continuously scan the area where cyclists are present, which includes any automobiles that are passing the road while a cyclist is there.

2-Yellow Mark

Radar constantly monitors stop lines and yellow marks to identify cars. This area can be adjusted according to the query being asked.

3- Stop Line

When a car crosses a yellow line or stop line once a cyclist is riding in the designated area, Radar will activate and record images and video of the offending vehicle.


Along with the violation video/picture, the date, location, and some additional information, ANPR will process the car plate, extract the plate number, and send it immediately to the police control room.

Violation Pictures and Data,

The violation detector takes 2 pictures and one video and XML data:

1-One picture for the exact violation time,
2-A second photo taken shortly after the violation occurred (the exact time varies according on the client’s request).
3-A single video that captures the moments just prior to and following the violation time might serve as a guide for law enforcement officials in the event that they need to verify the violation time and impose fines on automobiles that violated the pedestrian crossing area (the exact time depends on the client’s desire).

Violation Pictures Samples,


XML Data has information on Site Code, Location Place, date, Time, Radar ID, Plate Number, and Warning Light timing Passed as Police required setup.

Collection data,

Images and videos of violations can be saved by our system on a USB flash drive or sent online to police stations over a safe internet connection.


The Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) is an optional feature of our system.
The offender’s car’s registered plate number is read by ANPR, which then transmits the information to the police control room along with images and video.

ANPR Status Bar

It is included:

  • Site Code,
  • Radar ID,
  • Date and Time,
  • Location Place,
  • Plate Number,
  • Picture of Plate,

Environmentally Friendly,

This product is created by skilled engineers at MTP. It doesn’t require electrical lines because it generates power using solar energy. According to this facility, the MTP Bicycle Violation Detection Radar is an environmentally friendly product. Greenhouse gas emissions will go down when renewable energy sources like solar power are used. It results in a decrease in the outside temperature.

Where you install,

The MTP Bicycle Violation Detection Radar can be mounted on a cantilever next to the road or over side to identify cars that violate the law while they are traveling.


Following the detection of the violation, the camera will capture two pictures and one video of the offending car, which it will then save on a mini-PC. One Router, which is integrated into our Pedestrian Crossing Violation Detector, enables these photos and videos, together with the relevant information such as the date, time, and location, to be sent to the police office’s traffic control unit.

Router Specialization,

Thus, there are three methods that our violation detector can gather violation data, photos, and videos:

1-Sim Card

Police have issued one Sim card for this router. It can establish a safe link between the police station and our violation detector.


Our technology also offers the option of collecting data over WiFi. This implies that a police officer can gather all information, including photos and videos, by stopping next to the camera for a short while. The information will then move from our violation detector to a police laptop that is connected to WiFi.


USB memory is an additional option that can be used to capture data. A police officer need only visit the camera once a day or every couple of days to replace the USB memory  that has been saved on USB memory by the mini-PC.

Data Transferring,

Transferring with Sim Card Router

Useful Points,

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MTP offers you a wide range of Traffic-Related Products, One stop solution for engineering, electrical, electronic, and technological needs,

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