Traffic Monitoring and Flow Camera System


MTP Traffic Monitoring and Flow Camera System will show how many cars are on the streets or how long does it take to arrive your destination.

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Data Sheet: Technical Specification Monitoring and Flow counter



Traffic Monitoring and Flow Camera System

We are offering a product for checking the flow and traffic. you may ask: what is the benefit of this technology? to answer this question we should refer to your busy days. you want to go to a job but you don’t have much time. Traffic Monitoring and Flow Camera System will show how many cars are on the streets or how long does it take to arrive at your destination. on the other hand police can easily collect the information may need.

how does Traffic Monitoring and Flow Camera System work?

after talking about the purpose of this technology, you may wonder what is the product made of and how they work. you can follow the article to get your answers.

 Flow Counter Software:

this part of the product would help the police department to know how many cars are on one street or read the plate number which passed the street.

Automatic Plate Reader Software:

as we mentioned above Traffic Monitoring is one of the most important parts of this technology.

Camera 8Mp, with 4k resolution, Video Bit Rate 16Mbps, Focal lens 1.3mm to 12mm

higher picture quality is one of the strengths of our products. as you may know pictures are so important in police equipment. our product provides such quality.

Mini Pc (Cori5, Cori7, Dual core)

this part of our product will analyze the picture. so we can say it’s the brain of our product. as you can see in the title we use different types of PCs for different users. so you can choose the best item depending on your need and budget.

LAN to Fiber optic converter

output of our product is basically LAN. so if you need Fiber optic output you can easily use this converter to solve the problem.

Power Supply

This product is developed by MTP talented engineers. It uses solar energy to generate its power and does not need electricity cables. based on this facility Traffic Monitoring and Flow Camera System can be regarded as a green and ecosystem friendly product. Using green energies like solar power will cause a decrease in greenhouse gasses. it causes a decrease in environmental temperature.

IR projection for Night Mode

our engineers considered different possible problems and solved them. one of them is taking photos at night. our product uses IR projection to solve that problem.

Control Box

Each technology and equipment need a control box to manage what it does. our product is not an exception.

Useful Points,

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