Solar Traffic Signal Controller 6400


Model: 4 Phase

Size: 300*490*160mm

Body: Steel with Electrostatic Color Powder Coating

Data sheet: Solar Traffic Controller 6400



 To control traffic you can use two different kind of traffic controller. The difference between these two kind is the power supply and how the get power. One of them use electricity and one of them is Solar Traffic Signal Controller.


  • Electrical Traffic Signal Controller

This kind of traffic signal controller is suitable for controlling temporary traffic signals in some crosses which are under construction work.

 Its power supply is 110 volt -240 volt, so it is suitable for city area where is access to city electricity line. Actually you have to support the power to use this technology. There is an important option that you can use

Nowadays lots of people want to save the ecology. We have a solution for these kind of people and governments to be up to date and obviously environment supporter. They can use solar


  • Solar Traffic Signal Controller:

This kind of solar traffic signal controller is suitable for controlling temporary traffic signals in some crosses which are under construction work,

Its power supply is Solar Panel, so it is suitable for city area and out of city. Obviously it’s a perfect choice for those who may interest in environment supporting.

Another benefit of this kind of Traffic Signal Controller is the cost of power. You may have to pay more to buy it, but this cost goes back over time because of solar panels.

Actually we can surely say that abilities in both kind above are same. Now it’s your decision to make. Which one would you prefer: solar or electrical.

why should we buy this technology from mtp poland?

if your still looking for reason to trust our company we can assure you our products are the best you may ever buy. to prove our claim we should say that all of our products are guaranteed. so you can buy the technology and stay up to date and in the other hand be sure about quality. 

How we can order these facilities?

If you are interested in our technology (Traffic Signal Controller solar or electrical) or any other product please contact us just by clicking here.

to understand how this technology works, you can read the manual. you can download it by the link below: 

User Manual for Traffic Signal Controller

If you have any question, about any products of us please do not hesitate to ask our support team. They will answer you as soon as possible.

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