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Solar Runway Closure


A Runway Closure Sign is a specific type of sign used at airports to indicate that a particular runway is closed and unavailable for aircraft operations.

In addition to daytime visibility, these signs  equipped with lights to enhance their visibility during nighttime or low visibility conditions. These lights are typically white when the runway is open.


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MTP Solar Runway Closure 1

MTP Solar Runway Closure 2

MTP Solar Runway Closure 3(Video made from a distance of 1.5 km),

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MTP Solar Runway Closure

The primary purpose of Runway Closure Signs is to prevent aircraft from using the closed runway, ensuring safety during maintenance, construction, or other activities that require the closure of the runway. It helps pilots and air traffic controllers maintain situational awareness and adhere to safety protocols.

Regulatory Compliance: The use of Runway Closure Signs is governed by international aviation regulations and guidelines established by aviation authorities such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and national aviation authorities.

Technical Specification,

  • Dimension: Length 230 cm, Height 240 cm, Width 170 cm, Arm 450 cm,
  • Body Material: Metal with Electrostatic Powder Coating,
  • Solar power: 300 Watts, Life time more than 20 years,
  • Battery: Internal 12 volt, 400 Ah, sealed lead acid,
  • Led quantity: 20 pcs high power LED,
  • LED Color: Daylight,
  • Color Temperature: 6500 k,
  • Color Rendering: 65-80,
  • Luminous Flux: 400 cd,
  • Light life: More than 60,000 Hours,
  • Light Power: 12 watts for each light,
  • Light Angle: 85°,
  • Light View Angle: 90 Degrees,
  • Working time after full charge: 3 days,
  • Three Working Modes,
    1. Double Flashing with high power in solar mode
    2. Single Flashing with half power in solar mode
    3. Single Flasher with maximum power in grid connection mode

Quality of Parts,

LED Light,

It is included 4 pcs high power LEDs with the power of 3 watts for each one, Power voltage for LED light is 12 volt DC.
Its Light color is Day Light.
It is fixed by one bracket on the arms of the trailer. 20 pcs of this LED Light are installed on the two arms of the trailer.
The length of each arm is 4 meters and it can be folded with 1 meter of each end on the side of the trailer.
Each light is connected to LED Driver on the controller box with an individual cable. So a total of 20 cables from two arms come to the controller box.

LED Light

Indicator Light,

The Failure Lampeter is fixed at the back side, opposite to signal light to show the control room if the signal is running or stopped working.

Indicator Light

Runway Closure,

MTP Produce Solar Runway Closure as per customers’ requested design.

Runway Closure

Controller Box,

All LED lights have a connection with the controller box with individual cables.

A controlled box is included,

  • Two pcs Battery with 12volt and 100A (totally 200A),
  • One charge controller,
  • One power Supply,
  • One Breaker,
  • One LED driver Circuit,
  • One Controller Unit,

Controller Unit

Level Indicator,

Level Indicator


Internal 12 volts, 400 Ah, sealed lead acid,

Batteries are chargeable Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Normally it can get charged from solar panels, but as an option, it can get charged from Electricity Generator through a power supply.

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

MPPT Solar Charge Controller,

  • Charge Controller has one switch (M) For turning ON/OFF LED Light,
  • If the Lamp symbol appears on display, the light goes to ON, and if the Lamp symbol disappears, the light goes to OFF.
  • Advanced MPPT Technology Ultra Fast Tracking Speed with Efficiency 99.5%.
  • The voltage of the battery is shown by the Charge controller continuously and if the voltage drop below 10.7 volts, the light will get OFF automatically and return to ON if the voltage rises over 12.7 volts.
  • Power Supply converts Generator voltage (220 volt AC to 12 volt DC).
  • A breaker is used for switching between Solar and Generator modes.
  • If the breaker is ON, the light is powered by Generator, and if Breaker is OFF, light powered by Solar panel.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

LED Driver and Control Unit,

LED Driver has 20pcs transistor to drive Lights as individually.
Each Light has a specific cable for connection to the driver. The right group of cables is for one 4-meter arm and the left group of cables is for the second arm.
The controller unit is used for selecting flashing mode. There is one microswitch with 3 selectors.

LED Driver and Control Unit

Microswitch for selection Mode,

  1. Two-second Flashing with Solar mode Mode. in this mode light is active with half power.
  2. Two-second Flashing with Generator Mode. in this mode light is active with full power.
  3. Double Flashing with Solar mode or generator Mode. in this mode light is active with full power.

Microswitch for selection Mode

Solar Panels,

300 Watts, 12v, Life time more than 20 years,

This product is developed by MTP talented Engineers. It uses solar energy to generate its power and does not need electricity cables. based on this facility MTP Solar Runway Closure can be regarded as a green and ecosystem-friendly product. Using green energies like solar power will cause a decrease in greenhouse gases. it causes a decrease in environmental temperature.

Solar Panel


Image Reference,

Useful Points,

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