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Pedestrian Traffic Signal / Solar Pedestrian Traffic Signal with Push Button 1.1

Model: Wireless 3 color vehicle and 2 color pedestrian signal

Pole: 3 meter

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Data sheet: Data Sheet Pedestrian signal with Push Button 


As per the above pictures, we can produce Solar Traffic Pedestrian Signs as the customer requested design. this parameter is one of the best options we offer. you can have your customized Traffic Pedestrian Signal with Push Button.

More than 124,000 accidents and more than 17,000 Polish have been killed walking or crossing the street in the past 10 years. Many crosswalks are poorly lit or pose other visibility challenges. Speeding, distracted, and intoxicated drivers only worsen the problem.

  • Solar Traffic Pedestrian Signal with Push Button

This kind of traffic pedestrian signal is used in the crossing area. It is powered by a solar panel, so it doesn’t need the city electricity line and for this reason, its installation is very simple and no need for any cabling from the electricity line. because it’s powered by solar panels, it is free of charge for monthly electricity consumption.

Solar traffic pedestrian signals are suitable for the installation of pedestrian crossing areas. After pushing the push button, a timer will count down automatically and after a few seconds, the vehicle’s signal going to red and the pedestrian signals going to green. so in this case, pedestrians can cross the road as safe.

Continuously, after a few seconds more, all signal lights will come back to vehicle green and pedestrian red.

We are producer solar traffic pedestrian signals with any design depending on customer requests.

Our solar traffic signals have an automatic dimming system for adjusting light intensity at daytime or night time so it will not offend drivers’ eyes at night.

why should you buy Traffic Pedestrian Signal with Push Button from mtp?

if you’re still looking for a reason to trust our company we can assure you our products are the best you may ever buy. to prove our claim we should say that all of our products are guaranteed. so you can buy any product of ours and stay up to date; on the other hand, be sure about the quality.

How we can order these facilities?

If you are interested in our product (Solar Traffic Pedestrian Signal with Push Button) or any other product please contact us just by clicking here. as we mentioned above you can choose your best item to depend on your needs. so by reading this article make up on your mind and contact us.

If you have any questions, about any products of us please do not hesitate to ask our support team. They will answer you as soon as possible.

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