traffic enforcement cameras

what do traffic cameras do

What do traffic cameras do ? As you know some of useful products are invented to enforce the traffic . Traffic cameras or traffic enforcement cameras are one of the most useful inventions to enforce trafficTraffic enforcement cameras prevent too many serious accidents every year . 

Some of traffic camera types are : 
1 – red light cameras

2 – over speed violation cameras 

3 – crosswalk violation cameras

4 – Use cell phone while driving violation detection cameras 

5 – School bus cameras 

6 – Traffic monitoring and flow camera system 

7 – Exit road camera


All of those are useful in some cases . Now we are going to explain their function here in following lines . 

  • Red light cameras : Some drivers do not stop their vehicles before line in intersection where the light is red . This type of violation may cause wasting the crosswalk area by vehicles . So pedestrians have to move forward to pass the street . In this case too many accidents may happen .  And also some drivers pass the red light with high speed . Those violation are very dangerous for citizens . So Red light camera is produced to reduce this kind of violation . It fines the drivers who move their vehicle after the line where the light is red . MTP is a manufacturer of this type of product . 
  • Over speed violation camera : As you know over speed driving will cause too many dangers for users of the way . So this invention is produce to fine over speed drivers and control traffic speed . 
  • Crosswalk violation cameras : this type of invention is not always for an intersection . You can install it near the all of the crosswalks . As you know all of cars have to stop behind crosswalk before pedestrians pass the street completely . But some of drivers start moving just after pedestrian passed their vehicle area . This violation endangers pedestrian’s life . This type of product is just manufactured by MTP . MTP Engineers have invented this product . It automatically detects pedestrians passing the crosswalk . In that while if a car pass the line behind crosswalk fines it and sends its output over wireless internet to police control room . 

crosswalk violation detection camera

  • Cell phone violation detection cameras : Using cell phone is one of the most dangerous mistakes that a driver can make . The driver must focus on driving . MTP engineers have invented a traffic camera to reduce this type of violation . Cell phone violation detection camera finds drivers use mobile phone while driving automatically and fines them . 

cell phone violation detection camera

  • School bus camera : As you know all drivers have to stop if a school bus stops by the street to board and disembark the students . It is necessary to students safety . This camera product is installed on the school bus . It fines drivers in that case . 

bus stop arm violation radar

  • Traffic monitoring and flow camera system : Some times police need information about traffic in an specific way . MTP produces this kind of product . It counts vehicles and also reads their number plate . This device also works properly at night with an IR projector . 
  • Exit road camera : Sudden diversion causes many accidents in driving . At each exit of the road, there is a specified area that is illegal to cross . The camera is installed by the road and fines violator drivers .

exit road violation detector by MTP

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