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Exit Road Violation Camera

Exit Road Violation Detector and Software

Major highways have an exit, and you have to approach the exit by taking the first right lane approximately 100 meters away. With the help of this technology (the Exit Road Violation Detector), police officers can now easily identify cars that are breaking the law regardless of whether the violator fails to follow it.

Drivers should stay in the second lane and drive quickly until they reach the final exit since there is heavy traffic in the first right lane and most drivers want to switch to the right lane quickly. In this instance, there was a significant issue that led to collisions between the vehicles aligned in the correct laneway and the driver who abruptly changed lanes right at the exit. As a result, everyone will complain and grumble.

We offer software to make remedies for this violation for this reason.

Advantage of MTP Exit Road Violation Detector:

our product has many advantages including removing noises, making pictures more transparent, etc.. we will name some at the bottom:

  • first of all Removing, the Shadow effect would provide a better quality of PICs,
  • secondly Removing Human effect can be really effective,
  • thirdly Removing the Trash effect is an important and useful advantage,
  • as the fourth advantage, we can point to the Removing Bicycle effect,
  • 5th important effect that should be removed is the Animal effect,
  • 6th noise that can make trouble is car light which we have to remove it,
  • last but not least we should point to the curve effect; our product will Remove the Curve effect, so this problem won’t make any trouble.
  • Compatible with all brand of camera video: our program can be matched with all brands of the camera so it doesn’t push extra charge to the client if he has an available camera,
  • Sensitivity to Traffic: Our software can detect the traffic and it will automatically active only at a busy crowded time. So if the traffic is not busy, the software can ignore violators. And also our Client can adjust our software sensitivity to traffic and it depends on their requirements.


Power Supply: 210- 240 vac,

Maximum Power: 50 watts,

Detection violation Day and night,

Saving violator car image and video,

Online transferring data or manual(optional).

Useful Points,

MTP is a manufacturer of Traffic Products and Smart Traffic Cameras & Radars.

Exit Road violation Camera is a traffic enforcement camera that recognizes violator drivers who violating the traffic rules.

New camera tech could catch drivers who broke the Exit Line.

MTP POLAND Exit Road Violation Detector Data Sheet

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