traffic enforcement camera

Traffic ticket camera

Traffic ticket camera is one group of UATMTP products. All of our traffic ticket cameras are developed by our engineers.
As you know every year too many accidents and injuries happen because of traffic violations. Violation in driving is one of the common violations that a human can do.
Since vehicles were invented there are traffic rules for them. We here name some of the traffic violations and also we write about MTP solution about them.
Over Speed Violation: One of the common traffic violations is over speed violation. In high-speed, the driver cannot control as well as in low speed. So it is illegal in every street. Traffic ticket camera is one of the most useful products in these fields. Our traffic camera products are high quality and well designed because :
1- They make no mistakes. They distinguish pedestrians, animals, garbage, shadows, etc.

2- They are all ecosystem friendly. They generate energy using the sun. they do not need any cable. so they don’t increase global warming growth. They contain 4G routers that meet the needs of communication. They send their output to the police control section via the internet.

3- We designed those products with modern design methods. so they do not make the city’s face ugly but make it beautiful.

What are the traffic ticket camera products in MTP? :
1- Mobile phone violation detection camera,

2- Bus stop arm violation radar,

3- Red light camera,

4- crosswalk violation detection camera,

5- speed camera radar product,

6- Traffic monitoring camera and flow system,

7- Exit road violation detection camera

8- ANPR (which recognizes vehicle number plate with no mistakes . )

To find a description of each of them please just click on their names.

What is MTP: MTP is a technology-based traffic product manufacturer. We manufacture traffic products since 2006. Now we manufacture solar traffic signs, traffic radars, solar traffic lights, solar traffic ticket cameras, etc. You can watch each of these products just by clicking here.

To order a traffic ticket camera and any other traffic products please contact us just by clicking here.

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