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Traffic Over Speed Radar

Traffic Speed Camera

It is well known that many crashes occur when drivers overspeed. In the past, police used to fine those who overspeed. Unfortunately, the human brain has a tendency to miss out on too many cases and also make mistakes. In the end, traffic enforcement cameras were invented, and they submitted violations without any mistakes and were able to present themselves at any time of the day or night. It wasn’t long before traffic enforcement cameras were equipped with infrared projections that allowed for the detection of violators during the evening and at night, as well.

cell phone violation traffic enforcement camera
MTP is a manufacturer of traffic products. MTP manufactures traffic enforcement cameras. Traffic speed cameras made by MTP are combined with traffic enforcement radars. The radar detects the vehicle’s speed and the camera reads its number plate automatically with no mistakes.
Our talented engineers are behind all of MTP’s products that are developed and designed by the company.
All MTP products are ecosystem friendly because :

  • They generate energy using the sun. So they do not need electricity cable. Using solar energy causes global warming growth to reduce. 
  • They need no cable to transfer data. They send their output to the police control section via the internet. They contain 4G router transfer data over the internet. 

Cell phone violation camera router

Tip: We can produce the cabled types of products based on customer orders. 

As you know MTP is a manufacturer of traffic products like traffic signs, traffic enforcement cameras, traffic lights, etc. 


Types of traffic enforcement camera products which is produced by MTP : 

Useful Points,

MTP is a manufacturer of Traffic Products and Smart Traffic Cameras & Radars.

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