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Traffic enforcement camera product

The traffic enforcement camera is a useful human invention.

Every year too many accidents happen as a result of violations. Since many years ago police is trying to reduce those violations. It has been somewhat successful but not completely successful.

Traffic enforcement cameras and traffic radars are invented to help police in those cases. They are faster than human and do not make mistake as much as human makes. And in some cases do something that human is not available to do it. for example on a highway, the average traffic speed is 110 km/h humans cannot measure a vehicle’s speed by their eyes. But traffic enforcement cameras and radars do this job with high accuracy and their output is reliable for police. But some devices do not have enough accuracy. This is one of the time police problems. They solve this problem with some of the solutions :

speed camera radar product by MTP

1 – They check camera output in the police control room

2- They process driver’s protests. If a driver thinks that he did not violate and the camera is wrong about him, sends a complaint to the police, and the police process its request and answer it after a while.

3 – Engineers try to develop device accurate. They have been almost successful. Today, High precision devices are made. Their output has fewer errors.

MTP engineers are trying every time to make perfect devices. We have been succeeding to make perfect traffic enforcement. These projects are launched in emirates successfully and we are going to launch these projects all around the world. Everyone in the world has the right to be safe in the street and ways.

Some of these projects are :
Mobile phone violation detection camera

cell phone violation traffic enforcement camera

, Vehicle violation on crosswalk detection camera

, Red light camera 

Red light camera

, Over-speed camera radar product 

, etc

You can find these products or any other traffic product just by clicking here.

Crosswalk the violation camera and the mobile phone the violation camera are an invention by MTP engineers! We are proud to present them. They are developed by talented MTP engineers and launched successfully.

A crosswalk violation camera is a smart traffic enforcement camera. As you know in duration that pedestrians are passing the crosswalk no vehicle has the right to enter the crosswalk zone or pass it until pedestrians pass the crosswalk completely. But some drivers start moving just after pedestrians passed the vehicle area. Our developed platform automatically recognizes pedestrians and that while if any vehicle enters the crosswalk area it will submit a violation and fines the driver. This platform saves too many lives every day.

Using a cell phone while driving is one of the dangerous mistakes too many drivers do.  If police present in this condition he will fine the driver surely. But police is not present everywhere and human brain miss some of the violation especially in highways that traffic speed is for more than 100 Km/h. Our platform will recognize drivers who use a mobile phone while driving and fine them. Its output is highly accurate and reliable. You can find this product here.

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