Crosswalk Violation Detection Product

vehicle violation detection system on crosswalks by MTP


Crosswalk violation detection is an smart traffic enforcement camera . it submit vehicles which enter crosswalk while pedestrian walking there as violators . please swipe or scroll down for complete explanation .

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Crosswalk Violation Detection Product is a new smart traffic enforcement camera product from MTP. We are proud to introduce this smart product developed by MTP smart engineers. It can be considered an invention! This technology submits violations with high accuracy and no mistakes.

A pedestrian crossing ( crosswalk ) means a specified part of a road in which pedestrians have the right to cross. For the safety of every individual and driver’s awareness, we have successfully invented the best detection system which names “Pedestrian Crossing Violation Detection Product”.

Pedestrian crossing area ( crosswalk ) on the road must be safe and clear for pedestrians so cars should stop behind the line before arriving at the pedestrian crossing area if there are individuals who attempt to cross the road.

Some drivers do not wait until the pedestrian passes the crosswalk completely and they enter the crosswalk area just after the pedestrian passed their vehicle area. This kind of violation is called Crosswalk Violation. To reduce this type of violation, we have produced an intelligent violation detection system helping the management of traffic safety, especially in the zebra area.

This platform is a traffic enforcement camera. It recognizes pedestrian automatically and if any vehicle enters the crosswalk or pass the line in that duration (Duration while the pedestrian walking into the crosswalk) the platform will automatically submit violation with no mistake.

It distinguishes animals, shadows, garbage, etc successfully with high accuracy. So, you shouldn’t worry about device mistakes and wrong submitted violations.

Our pedestrian crosswalk violation detection product can be installed beside the crossing area and detect violator vehicles who don’t stop behind the line and continue movement even pedestrians are walking on the crosswalk.

Echo system friendly 

this product uses solar cells to produce energy and does not need electricity cables.

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