Mobile Phone Violation Camera

mobile phone violation detection camera


Mobile phone violation camera is a traffic enforcement camera that recogenizes violator drivers who use cell phone while driving .

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Mobile phone violation camera is a new product of MTP.

Based on our researches this platform (mobile phone violation camera) does not have an instance in the world. it is an honor for us to present this invention for the first time in the world.

what is this platform exactly?

A mobile phone violation detection camera is a traffic enforcement camera. It recognizes and detects violating drivers use a mobile phone while driving automatically.

technology will help human beings once more…

Using a cell phone is a dangerous violation that every year causes too many terrible accidents.  Since many years ago police have found these drivers. But police are not present everywhere and the human brain sometimes cannot recognize this violation while cars are moving fast. So, this product is developed to decrease this kind of violation. It finds violator drivers and recognizes cell phone violations with high performance.

solar panels would not damage the environment

This product is developed by MTP talented engineers. It uses solar energy to generate its power and does not need electricity cables. based on this facility MTP Mobile phone violation detection camera can be regarded as a green and ecosystem-friendly product. Using green energies like solar power will cause a decrease in greenhouse gasses. it causes a decrease in environmental temperature.

transfer data via the internet is one of the biggest benefits of our Mobile phone violation detection camera

MTP cell phone violation camera sends data (violating car information including plate number, model, etc.) via wireless internet to police. It contains a 4G sim card modem router. it sends data to the control room over the internet without any cable. obviously, data transfer is faster this way than sending them by cable.

Cell phone violation camera router

good appearance of

Mobile phone violation detection camera

would not deface cities

MTP product is designed pretty awesomely. as you can see in the pictures, it won’t deface cities.  actually, you can use it to make the streets look good.  It contains two high-quality cameras. these cameras can control four street lanes.

where to install

It can be installed by the street (as you see in product images).

useful points you may need

MTP is a manufacturer of traffic products and smart traffic cameras and radars.

you can see traffic enforcement cameras here on Wikipedia.

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