Electrical Traffic Flashing Light UAT MTP | Electrical Traffic Flashing Light UAT MTP

Electrical Traffic Flashing Light


MTP-warning flashing light is a type of lighting device used to alert or warn others of potential hazards, dangers, or specific conditions.

These lights are designed to be highly visible and typically flash at regular intervals to draw attention and convey a message of caution or warning.

They are commonly used in various settings where safety and visibility are critical.


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Electrical Traffic Flashing Light Data Sheet

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MTP Electrical Traffic Flashing Light

Flashing lights play a crucial role in enhancing safety by alerting individuals to potential risks and ensuring they take appropriate precautions in various environments and situations.

Its power supply is 110 v0lt -240 volt, so it is suitable for the city area where is access to the city electricity line.

Here are some common applications and types of warning flashing lights:

  1. Vehicle Warning Lights: These lights are installed on emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. They alert other drivers and pedestrians to the presence of these vehicles and indicate that they are responding to an emergency.
  2. Construction and Work Zone Lights: In construction zones or work areas along roads and highways, warning flashing lights are used on vehicles and equipment to make workers and construction activities more visible to passing traffic. This helps improve safety by reducing the risk of accidents.
  3. Roadside and Traffic Safety Lights: Warning lights can be placed along roadsides to warn drivers of hazards such as sharp curves, intersections, pedestrian crossings, or road closures. They are also used in temporary traffic control situations, such as during road maintenance or accident scenes.
  4. Industrial and Warehouse Safety Lights: Within industrial facilities, warehouses, and factories, warning flashing lights are used on machinery, equipment, and in areas where there are potential hazards like moving vehicles or machinery. They help alert workers to potential dangers and encourage caution.

Technical Specification,

  • Dimension: 300*350*180 mm
  • Body Material: Polycarbonate
  • Power Supply: 110-240 volt
  • Led quantity: 110 pcs supper high bright
  • Light luminous: 8000 mcd
  • Lenz material: Polycarbonate
  • Flasher: Automatically
  • Visible distance: more than 2 km
  • Angle: 90 degree

Quality of Parts,

Full mask of Flashing Light,

The diameter of full mask is 330 mm in top side and in the point of its connection into main body; this mask has the 300 mm diameter with depth of 215mm. This connection is done by screw, being put on the body.

Half mask,

The height of this mask is 185 mm in outside of the body and its width is considered 230 mm in the place of its connection with main body. This is done by a screw, being put on the body.


Door shall be fastening on the body, in a shape toggle. Also, it has a rubber for the purpose of insulation.

Casing of traffic Signal


Casing of Flashing Light is made with high quality polycarbonate.


External lenses made with grid polycarbonate, to being suitable for lens.

LED Casing


LED’s are identified very well and amount of their desired life is 100.000 hours in lawful range for traffic light and traffic signals and its light intensity is 8000 mcd.


External lens is used for correcting light diffusion. Also, it is responsible for protecting the set, so that it protects electronically set and filter from damages, resulting from strong shock
(stone) or burning, as a result of throwing pyrotechnics parts. These shocks shall be cause of damaging external lens.
Changing and replacing external lens is easily possible by a worker.


Each Flashing light has a pairs of holder for connecting main body to its pole, called Bracket.


Round Clamp(Hose Clips),

Two round clamp is attached to one set of Flashing Light.

Hose Clip

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Useful Points,

MTP is a manufacturer of Traffic Products and Smart Traffic Cameras & Radars.

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