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Cross walking LED Single Color Road Stud


MTP Cross walking Single Color Road Stud

MTP road studs are retro-reflective supplements used in the road to raise visibility at night time and unfortunate weather conditions. Road studs serve the purpose of speed arrestor before junction/crossings/end of the flyover section wherein road crashes are widespread.


Power Supply Board(MTP Brand)


  • Connectable to all kinds of Traffic Signal Controller,
  •  Input Ac 220v or Solar Panel
  •  Output Dc 12v,
  •  Can be synched with 3 colors Vehicle Signal.
  •  Can be synched with 2 colors Pedestrian Signal.
  • Can be synced with Flashing Light Signal.

Control board

Installation Guide

Twelve Steps to Installation:

  1. Determine the area and install the isolation facilities.
  2. Ensure the installation area is leveled, crack free and smooth.
  3. Create all necessary holes with diameter of 130mm and depth of 50mm.
  4. Open a connection between holes with 25mm width and 45mm depth for cabling.
  5. Dry the hole with blowtorch and clean the structure.

Installation guide

  1. Connect LED road stud and put the cable inside the insulation protective tube then pour glue into the created holes and seal the tube firmly.
  2. Carefully place the LED road stud inside the created holes.
  3. 8. Ensure the road studs are correctly placed and are at the right angle.
  4. 9. Clean excess glue.
  5. 10. Inspect within two hours after installation to ensure that all road studs are leveled and not loaded askew.
  6. 11. Connect cable to signal controller.
  7. 12. Isolation facilities can be removed after six hours of installation.

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