cell phone violation detection camera

Cell Phone Violation Detection Camera

Cell phone violation detection camera is on type of MTP products. (You can watch this product page here .)

This technology is developed by MTP engineers for the first time in the world. It detects drivers who use a cell phone while driving and fines them. This type of violation causes too many serious accidents every year. But this type of camera will reduce this kind of violation

We have developed a Cell phone violation detection camera based on our customers and the world’s need. It has a platform that is programmed by MTP engineers. It detects vehicles and their driver and fines violator drivers with no mistakes. 

Cell phone violation detection camera contains : 

1- MiniPC : MiniPC process the data . Like brain in the human head! 

2-  Solar panel: Solar panel contains light cells which generate electricity using the sun. solar panels do not produce any greenhouse gasses. So they do not increase global warming growth. All MTP products are ecosystem friendly. TIP: We can produce the cabled types of products based on customer orders. 

3- 4G modem router: Another reason that we can regard this product as an ecosystem-friendly product is that it uses no cable to transfer data. As you know the production of 1-meter cable gives off too many greenhouse gasses. But in our products, we use a 4G modem router. It sends its output to the police control section wireless over the internet. 

4- Batteries: As you know the sun is not present every time. (Night and cloudy days ) Batteries save energy on sunny days and enable the device to work in dark times correctly. 

5- Cameras: All of the input is from the camera! 

About MTP: MTP is a traffic product manufacturer which is founded in 2006. Since 2006 we are producing traffic products. New we produce Traffic signs, Traffic lights, Traffic enforcement cameras, etc.

How to order a Cell phone violation detection camera? you can order this product just by clicking here and contact us.

Prices? Click here to see the prices listed. 

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To know more about traffic violation detection cameras please click here.



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