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Pedestrian Crossing Violation Camera

MTP Pedestrian Crossing Violation Detector

MTP Pedestrian Crossing Camera four-lane is a traffic enforcement camera that recognizes violator drivers who do not give way to pedestrians while crossing four-lane zebra areas.

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What is this Platform?

This camera captures the vehicles when the driver does not give way to the pedestrian while crossing a triple-lane zebra area.


Pedestrian crossing means a specified part of a road where pedestrians have right of way to cross.
To making the safety of every individual and be aware between the drivers and people at the roadside, we successfully make the best
detector system which is the “Pedestrian Crossing Violation Detector”.
The Pedestrian Crossing area on the road must be safe for pedestrians and cars should stop behind of line before reaching a pedestrian crossing area if individuals are attempting to cross the road.

Technology will help human beings once more,

But as we observed some of the drivers don’t stop behind of line and continue their movement even though the pedestrian is walking in the zebra area and which is very dangerous for pedestrian and sometimes cause an accident.
For reducing this violation, we produced intelligent violation detectors to help the management of traffic safety, especially in the zebra area.
Pedestrian Crossing Violation Detector install beside of crossing area and detect violator cars who don’t stop behind of line and continue their movement even pedestrian is walking.

Violation Area

As you can see in the above picture, there are three areas:

1- Zebra Area
2- Yellow Mark
3- Stop Line

1-Zebra Area

A Zebra area is a specific place for pedestrian cross walking and is always monitored by the smart camera to find pedestrians. So, our camera must continuously monitor the Zebra area which means the cars that were passing the road while there are pedestrians.

2-Yellow Mark

Yellow Mark and stop lines are always monitored by cameras to find vehicles. This area can be adjusted depending on the inquiry.

3- Stop Line

If any vehicle passes the stop line or yellow mark while a pedestrian is crossing on zebra area, Radar will activate and take video and photos of the violator vehicle.


ANPR will process the vehicle plate and extract the plate number and send it directly to Police Control Room along with the violation video/picture and details of the date, place, and some other information.

Pedestrian Crossing Violation on Single Line

For example, the above picture is showing that the silver car is continuously passing in the zebra area while the guy is walking in the zebra area.

Violation Pictures and Data,

The violation detector takes 2 pictures and one video and produces XML data:

1- One picture for the exact violation time,
2- Second picture for a few moments after the violation (its time is depending on the client’s request).
3- One video which covers a few seconds before violation time and a few seconds after violation time to be a reference for police in case of
he wants to check violation time to make a fine for the drivers who violated traffic in the pedestrian crossing area (its time depends on the client’s request).

Violation Pictures Samples,

Pedestrian Crossing Violation on Four Lines

We developed our system to cove Four Lines, so now it can detect all violations on four lanes with only single radar.


XML Data has information of Site Code, Location Place, date, Time, Radar ID, Plate Number, Warning Light timing Passed as Police
required setup.

Collection data,

Our system can save violation images and videos on USB flash memory or can send as online to police station via secured internet.


Our system has ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) as optional.
With ANPR, it reads registered plate number of violator car and sends it along with pictures and video to police control room.

ANPR Status Bar

It is included:

– Site Code,

– Radar ID,

– Date and Time,

– Location Place,

– Plate Number,

– Picture of Plate

PTZ Camera Specification,

. Power Supply 12-volt DC,18w (Max 7 watt for IR)
. Full HD resolution
. Weight 2k

Solar Panels would not damage the Environment,

This product is developed by MTP talented engineers. It uses solar energy to generate its power and does not need electricity cables. based on this facility MTP Pedestrian Crossing Violation Detector can be regarded as a green and ecosystem-friendly product. Using green energies like solar power will cause a decrease in greenhouse gasses. it causes a decrease in environmental temperature.

Where you install,

MTP Pedestrian Crossing Violation Detector can be installed beside of road and detect violator cars who making Violation while driving.


After detection violation, camera will record two images and one video of violator vehicle and save it in mini-PC.

Mini-PC and Camera

These images and video along with its data like as date, hours and place can send to traffic control section of police office via one Router which is
embedded in our over Pedestrian Crossing Violation Detector.

Router Specialization,

So, violation data and images and videos in our violation detector can be collect with three following ways:

1-Sim Card

This Router has one Sim Card which provided with police. It can make secure connection between our violation detector and police office.


Another option is available with our system and it is WIFI collection data. Means police officer can collect all data and images and videos with stop
beside of camera for a few minutes, so data and images and video will transfer from our violation detector to police laptop with WIFI connection.


One more option is available also for collection data and it is USB memory. Mini-PC can save all of violation data and images and video on USB memory, so police officer only has to visit camera every day or couples of days and remove USB memory and put new USB memory.

Data Transferring,

Product is included,

– Two Camera:
– Mini-PC:
– MTP Software for Four Lane
– Router
– MTP ANPR for Four Lane
– Warning Light
– Solar Panel (200w)
– Battery (150A)
– Decorative Post (Hot Galvanize with Electrostatic Paint)

Technical Specification,

Useful Points,

MTP is a manufacturer of Traffic Products and Smart Traffic Cameras & Radars.

Here is MTP Pedestrian Crossing Violation Camera Sample Videos,

Pedestrian Crossing Violation Camera Sample Video 1

Pedestrian Crossing Violation Camera Data Sheet

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