mobile phone violating detection technology

Mobile Phone Violation Detection Camera

Mobile phone violation detection camera is a newly developed camera system. To see the product page please click here.

It detects violator drivers who use phones while driving and fines them. 

The mobile phone violation detection camera is invented by the MTP team in 2020. MTP engineers have invented this product to reduce using phones while driving violations. As you know using a phone while driving is a dangerous mistake most drivers do. Driver must dedicate all focus on driving and not anything else. using a mobile phone while driving causes too many dangerous accidents every year. 

This platform contains : 

1- MiniPC: Its processor core of the device. It processes all of the input and finds and fine violator drivers. 

2- Solar panel: MTP is an ecosystem-friendly company. All of our products are released in solar-type. But we can produce electricity cable type of our products based on customer order in a cheaper price. 

3- Camera (s): As you know we can regard the camera as the most important section of this platform. It monitors traffic and passes data to MiniPC to process. It will contain two cameras if it is going to control 4 lanes. 

4- Batteries: As you know batteries are energy providers. Solar panel charges batteries at the day and battery provide energy at nights. 

5- etc.: mobile phone violation detection camera is a complicated machine and contains too many other parts. 

Positive Points 

1 – It makes no mistakes in detecting violators and reading their plate number. As I said before, it is developed by MTP engineers. So its output is reliable to police. 

2- No cables, Producing a meter of cable gives too many greenhouse gasses. This platform does not need any cable because : 

  • This traffic camera produces energy using the sun and does not need any electricity cable. 
  • It sends its output via sim card 4G or 3G internet to the police control section. 

3- Ecosystem friendly: No greenhouse gasses. It’s a result of using solar panels in traffic cameras to produce energy. 

4- Beautiful design: We have designed mobile detection camera based on new design methods. So it does not make the city face ugly but makes it beautiful. 


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